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Our Inspiration

Rural women India

3 out of every 5 women in India, does not have access to menstrual hygiene products. Affordability is not always the case, there are numerous taboos that are still associated with menstrual hygiene due to which women face endless challenges. 
The idea of MiraiMe came into existence when our founder was volunteering in rural Odisha. She observed that the adoption rate of period products is really poor in India and over the years, women have become comfortable with whatever they get. Moreover, conversations around Menstruation are understated even in Urban India.
With MiraiMe, we plan to introduce a smart yet simple way of managing periods. Our tampons are made from ethically sourced cotton which is certified organic so that no woman has to compromise on her comfort. The box is designed black and yellow to invoke your inner tigress.
At MiraiMe, we envision to bring menstrual hygiene to every menstruating woman in the country and bring femininity, innovation, and open conversation back to an otherwise taboo industry.
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