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Our Initiatives

MiraiGirls Outreach Project
We have introduced the MiraiGirls Outreach project which addresses a critical life skill for women - menstrual health management. This is a domain that continues to be challenging, shrouded in silence, misinformation, myths and taboos. This is further compounded by lack of access to affordable, eco-friendly intimate care products and information/counselling services. All of this has far-reaching negative impacts on the lives of those who menstruate: restricting their mobility, freedom and choices; affecting attendance and participation in school and community life; compromising their safety; and causing stress and anxiety.
Through MiraiGirls Outreach we help in menstrual hygiene management of adolescent girls and young women by providing free, affordable premium quality kits that are hundred percent biodegradable. We also work towards training and sensitizing them on key menstrual health management parameters. 
From Life to Livelihood
MiraiMe is working to introduce tampons for Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group (PVTG) women on a fairly large scale in districts of Koraput and Rayagada in Odisha.
With the high volume of physical activities of tribal women and no prevalence of underwear use, the tampon will provide a much-needed solution and healthy relief in managing periods. The women refrain from using sanitary pads because of the inconvenience in holding them without the support of an underwear, cleaning and disposing them. The biodegradable cotton drastically reduces incidences of UTI and PCOD/S and would enable effective disposal without creating medical grade wastes.
We work closely with the Health Care Workers (HCWs), the SHGs, women’s groups and Anganwadi workers to spread awareness amongst both men and women alike. To drive sustainability, MiraiMe is working towards empowering PVTG women to run a Woman Business Cell , as a channel partner of MiraiMe, to ensure the regular procurement and distribution of the tampons among the community.
Each sale of MiraiMe products contributes to research in building sustainable menstrual products for women with the lowest accessibility which they can easily adapt without obstructing their life. 
We believe one day, no woman will be restricted in writing her future just because she bleeds every month. Period.
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