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Breaking Myths about Tampons

I will lose my virginity if I use a Tampon! That is a myth which has been around since the 1990's and at MiraiMe, we have taken the initiative to tell you that there is a life beyond those Sanitary Pads. Do you know, in United States almost 42% women use Tampons? We bet, you didn't!
Tampons are not new, they have been around for over a 100 years. Developed Countries like USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. have been avid users of Tampons for a long period and continue to do so! Essentially, there are 3 major Menstrual Hygiene products used by Women around the World.
  • Sanitary Pads
  • Tampons
  • Mestrual Cups
Of the 3, Sanitary Pads are the most widely used products but the problems that they provide are hugely ignored due to misinformation about availability of alternative products. The biggest problems faced by women who commonly use Sanitary Pads are as follows:
  • Movement Restrictions - Sanitary Pads are not flexible in nature, they stick to your underwear and supposed to be at the entrance of your vagina. If you wish to do a rapid and large movement such as spreading your legs, cycling, swimming, or any other outdoor/indoor activity, Sanitary Pads fails to provide you with leakage proof solution and results in stains.
  • Causes Rashes - The biggest single complaint that Sanitary Pads manufacturers around the world report is their Sanitary Pads cause Rashes. It is attributed to use of high amount of plastics such as in the absorption gel, the adhesive, the embossment, the upper lining, etc.
  • Non Biodegradable - On an average, a women uses plastic-based menstrual products for 6.5 years out of her lifetime and given plastic is non-biodegradable, there is nothing that can be done regarding it, but is that true? Well, keep reading to find out!

But, what is a Tampon?

A MiraiMe Tampon is a small, cylindrical bundle that is made of cotton. It’s inserted inside your vagina with an applicator, where it absorbs menstrual blood before blood has a chance to come out of your body. It’s fully inside your body with the exception of a small string (which is there to help you pull out the tampon). It’s invisible protection and virtually unnoticeable - and if you’ve inserted it properly, you won’t feel that it’s there, which is pretty much the best-case scenario when you have your period and want to be comfortable. Just remember that you shouldn’t wear a tampon for more than 8 hours.

MiraiMe Tampons come in different sizes because your flow changes every day during Periods; you should tweak your tampon absorbency to match your flow. MiraiMe offers a range of 2 absorbencies, from regular to ultra, to give you smooth removal for your lightest days and the ultimate protection on your heavy days. Another major perk? Tampons are pretty small, so you can easily stash a few in your bag or purse for on-the-go protection - you know, in case your period sneaks up on you or if you want to be a hero and share with a friend in the bathroom. Checkout MiraiMe Regular Tampons and MiraiMe Ultra Tampons.

MiraiMe Tampons - India's first 100% Organic Tampons

At MiraiMe, we believe that every Indian women deserves the best menstrual sanitary product and after due diligence, we bring to you India's first 100% organic tampons made from GOTS certified Organic Cotton. From the design of the tampon to the applicator function has been developed to have near 0 carbon emission. We have certifications from all major international bodies such as FDA, GOTS, and many more which certify that our every product is of the highest quality and is completely natural.

The MiraiMe team carefully designed the Tampons to remove the shortcomings of Sanitary Pads to give you the best and completely natural Periods experience. You will experience utmost comfort and a rash-free Period, thanks to NO Plastic and the fact that you cannot feel Tampon.

You can go to Gym, go for Adventure Trips, go Swimming, and do whatever you want to do without any restrictions. Tampons are invisible and during movements, you don't even feel that they are there. Tampons provide superior protection against leaks, as they are placed inside the vagina, the Tampons absorb any blood before it reaches the vaginal opening.

Structure of a MiraiMe Tampon

The benefits of MiraiMe Tampons are endless such as:

  1. Quality Standards - Every box of MiraiMe Tampons that reaches your home adheres to highest International Quality Standards and gets approved by Quality Assessment bodies such as FDA and GOTS which check the product for quality of raw materials used, manufacturing conditions, contact less manufacturing practices, etc. We take pride in the fact that from the Cotton Cleansing process to the final packaged product, no human contact is present!
  2. High Absorption Rate - Since, MiraiMe Tampons are made from 100% Cotton, they are extremely soft with high absorption rate which can continue for a good 4-6 Hours easily before needing a change which means No Leakage and No Stains! Now, You don't have to worry about doing any activity, thanks to MiraiMe Tampons.
  3. High Portability - Going out somewhere? Just pop in some MiraiMe Tampons right in your bag and go do whatever you want to do! Going on a long trip? Well, the moisture and feeling of wetness can ruin your day if you were using Sanitary Pads, but with Tampons, even on a perfect rainy day, enjoy to the fullest!

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