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Regular Pack
Regular Pack - MiraiMe
Regular Pack - MiraiMe
Regular Pack - MiraiMe
Regular Pack - MiraiMe
Regular Pack - MiraiMe
Regular Pack
Regular Pack - MiraiMe


Regular Pack

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 Welcome that time of the month without compromising on convenience and comfort. Made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Mirai Me Regular Pack contains 15 regular flow tampons to let you #bleedfree in low-medium flow days. These leak-resistant tampons contain zero chemicals, making them completely safe for your body. The biodegradable material ensures hassle-free disposal without harming the environment. With zero contact delivery, these tampons will be available right at your doorstep. 


Product Specifications

  • Contains 15 Regular Tampons
  • New with Ultrafit Technology for 2x Comfort
  • 4-6 hour usage
  • Certified Organic highly absorbent Cotton
  • Leak-Resistant
  • Rash Free
  • Easy to Insert & Remove
  • 100% Organic
  • FDA approved
  • Free of chemicals, scents or dyes
  • Ensures Odour-free period
  • Ethically Sourced
Features of a tampon


  • Currently accepting orders and shipping across India
  • No Delivery Charges & Free COD
  • Normal Delivery time: 3-7 working days
  • Zero contact delivery
  • Free Refunds*

Size Guide

Though it varies from user to user, a regular tampon is good enough to give you leak-proof protection for low to medium flow days

Regular For days with low to medium flow 


How to insert a Tampon

how to insert a tampon


I have never tried a Tampon before. Is it hard?
It may seem a little tricky in the beginning but believe us, you will get hold of it fast. Just relax. Also, in the U.S, about half the population uses a Tampon

Can I insert a Tampon too far? Will it get lost?
No. The cervix (the opening to your uterus) is too small for a tampon to go through. You can always remove the tampon by its thread.

Can I do Workout, Yoga or Swim with a Tampon inside?
You totally can! You can swim and run and hike and do everything you want to, girl!

Is it safe to insert a Tampon inside the vagina? 
It is 100% safe as our products are made from 100% cotton, are chemical-free and absolutely safe

How do I know when it’s time to change my Tampon?
If your tampon is completely saturated, it will slide out with a light tug on the string. The tampon gets heavy and you will feel its presence only when it's time to change. Magic.

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Regular Pack - MiraiMe

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extremely satisfied
change it every 4-5 hours
Superb product
Takes 30 seconds! Awesome stuff
Good product.