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Tampon Myths You Have Heard All Your Life!

Sanitary napkins have been the conventional go-to solution for periods since ages, for a lot of women. Are you also scared of switching to tampons because it has to be inserted your vagina? Been hearing too many things about the same? MiraiMe is here to bust them all myths so you can happily and safely go get your tampons today!

Tampons Cause Toxic Shock Syndrome- While it’s true certain products can give you a Toxic Shock Syndrome, it is important to note that the same is caused by the staphylococcus aureus bacteria found in your body (armpits, vagina). It is an infection, that is treatable. Majority tampons users have confirmed that it does not lead to TSS.

Tampons Mean Losing Virginity- NOT AT ALL! Not everything that goes inside your vagina means losing your virginity. You need to have SEX to lose your virginity. Tampons are too small and are not penises. Besides, who needs to worry about that anyway? Live your life!

You Might Lose the Tampon Inside- NO. Some women are scared it will get inside their uterus! It cannot. Our vagina and uterus are divided by cervix that has a very small opening. You can push it in and use the thread to pull it out.

You Need To Change Everytime You Pee-  Some women urinate more frequently than others, almost every hour! Besides, the urethra is responsible for your urination, not vagina. Just hold the thread carefully away so it does not get wet, and that’s all! Release your bladder without any worries. Change when the tampon gets heavy and feels bigger inside.

You Can’t Wear Tampons Overnight- You sure can wear your tampons at night. Make sure you change it as soon as you wake up, within 8 hours. In fact, sleeping with the tampon is a lot more convenient because there is no leak, no stain!

You Can’t Use It For Your First Period- If you are a teenager getting your periods now, it completely depends on you if you wish to use a pad or a tampon. If inserting a tampon is convenient for you, go for it! It will do no harm. Make sure you have an adult to help you.

Tampons Increase The Risk Of Endometriosis- Endometriosis is a disorder wherein the uterus’ lining tissues grow outside the uterine cavity. Tampons do not lead to the same. There are several reasons for the disorder, tampons are definitely not one of them!


Sweta Mishra

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