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Awkward, Crazy, Comfortable: My First Tampon Experience

First day at my work, my colleagues looking at me and my stained pants, curbing some smiles and some whispers- one of the most awkward and horrific moments of my life! I never realized I forgot to keep my sanitary napkins in my purse. Nothing can be weirder than on your first day at work, the first thing you say is, “CRAP!”. Facepalm moment, sure.

One of the kind ladies came up to me, guided me to the toilet and took out a tampon from her purse. I looked at her blankly. Never in my life had I ever used a tampon. I had heard all kinds of things about it. I was especially scared of infections. When I told her that I use only sanitary napkins, she giggled. Offered me the tampon again and told me it does not cause any infection or rashes or allergies, and that is perfectly safe.

Honestly, I had never been that reluctant in my life. I unwrapped it and looked at it for a while. I chuckled a bit, amused at how it looked like a tiny penis! I sat down on the toilet seat, spread my thighs as she had guided, and tried inserting the tampon. Since my flow is usually heavy, it glided in easily. For a moment, it almost felt  pleasurable, the kind I feel when I finger myself. I found it absurd that there was absolutely no discomfort. It almost felt as if there’s nothing inside. My colleague reassured that stains are okay, and that tampons will be helpful.

I had to change twice again during my office hours, and my colleague was kind enough to help me out. It was the first tampon experience, but probably the best period flow experience I’ve ever had. I had always felt safe in my little bubble of a few essentials I buy from the supermarket. Sanitary napkins gave me that comfort for a while, of course with rashes and irritation. For me, any kind of change is a big burden, a mountain of emotions I cannot happen to climb atop. It sounds silly, but just a tampon did the magic for me. I have my apprehensions, but I am open to trying something different and unique. I have been using tampons for two years now, and I don’t think I am ever going to switch to anything else!



Maahi Roy

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